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Derek's Gold Mastery Guide - Farm Your Own Warcraft Gold Easily

Derek’s Gold Mastery Guide is the latest guide to wow gold farming in World of Warcraft and it definitely packs a wallop, offering plenty bang for the buck. Like a masterful secret agent with cheap wow gold, Derek insinuated himself into a guild full of Chinese gold farmers and then mined all their secrets for farming gold quickly, as well as keeping tabs on their auctions to see what kind of items they were selling off in the auction house.

Now that Derek has mastered all the skills it takes to make farming gold as easy as possible, he’s put together a thoroughly comprehensive guide to the art of gold farming that weighs in at over 110 pages of strategies and gold making tips. This is a lot more than just your standard gold farming ideas like grinding and what kind of professions are best for building up your gold quickly, though he covers those topics too and thoroughly debunks some notions about professions and the necessity of spending most of your time grinding. In addition, Derek includes great auction house strategies and tips on the hottest selling items in Items Lists and just where to find them, as well as the best farming spots for the rarest high demand items.

All of Derek’s strategies are laid out neatly in an easy to read cheap tera gold, with detailed photos and screenshots showing you exactly where you need to be and what you need to accomplish in-game. As far as I can tell, none of his strategies break any rules of the game and they certainly don’t involve any cheating, hacks or the use of bots. What he does offer is a heaping helping of great strategies that let you return to enjoying the game instead of spending all your time bored out of your mind while you grind away tediously trying to gather up more and more gold. Playing World of Warcraft was never meant to be boring, it’s meant to be fun and with Derek’s tips I can now say that I’m having a lot more fun with WoW and spending a lot less of my time on rote, boring tasks.